Dance and Musical Theatre Pre-Audition Course

Are you thinking about entering into a full time dance or musical theatre training college? Give yourself the best chance to succeed by knowing what to expect from an audition for vocational dance and drama training. The week of training culminates in mock auditions giving you the opportunity to test your new skills and confidence in your audition technique.

The MDDCDance Pre-Audition Course is aimed at students looking to apply for vocational dance and drama training colleges and includes:

  • 1-to-1 Drama Coaching
  • 1-to-1 Singing Coaching
  • Individual Solo Performance Coaching
  • Workshops in Ballet and Jazz
  • Mock Auditions

Pre-Audition Course

Apply for the Pre-Audition Course

One-week intensive audition performance training
in Liverpool for students aged 14+

This course is aimed at individuals who are wishing to audition for full-time, vocational dance and musical theatre colleges.

The course will include unique opportunities for:

  • individual coaching in:

    • solo performances
    • drama pieces – both classical and modern
    • singing
  • and workshops in:

    • Ballet
    • Jazz
    • Drama
    • Singing
    • Audition Techniques – including grooming, what to wear and audition etiquette

For more information and costs of the Pre-Audition Course please contact the Secretary on 0151 207 6197 or email

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