Jacqueline Mayor – 2009

March 10, 2016 in MDDCGraduates

Jacqueline Mayor 2009

Jacqueline knew from a young age that she wanted to teach. She couldn’t imagine anything she would enjoy more than to share her passion for dance with others. She completed a three-year teacher-training programme at Canada’s National Ballet School. Having specialized in Ballet, she was looking for a programme that could offer a high calibre of training in a wide variety of genres, which led her to Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre.

During her time in Liverpool, she gained ISTD teaching qualifications in Imperial Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, Disco/Freestyle/Rock ‘n’ roll, Latin American, and Ballroom Theatre. In 2009, Jacqueline graduated with Distinction.

Upon graduation, she was offered a teaching position at MDDCDance. She was very excited by the prospect of passing on her knowledge to the next generation of professional dancers and teachers. Working alongside experienced teachers daily demonstrating the highest level of the profession was inspiring to say the least. It was important to Jacqueline to continue to teach children and so she also taught part-time at The Barbara Simons School of Dance and Drama, The Carol May School of Dance, and Merseyside Dance Centre.

Jacqueline moved to the Jeanette Hutchines School of Dance in Luxembourg so that she might experience a new culture. Her time there proved that dance truly is an international language. In her classes, she had a mixture of English, French, German and Luxembourgish speakers. She loved the experience and believes that her teaching skills improved tremendously during her four years in Luxembourg.

In 2014, she accepted a teaching position in Bermuda at the Somerset School of Dancing, where she trained as a child. She currently teaches Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Conditioning and Diversity dance. She credits Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre for her superb training and experience that has ensured an exciting professional life; she would highly recommend the programme for applicants interested in a teaching career!

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