ISTD Dance Teacher Training in Liverpool

ISTD APL Dance Teacher Training

Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre is an ISTD Approved Dance Centre

Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre is an established Approved Dance Centre for the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).

MDDCDance is in the enviable position of having numerous highly qualified staff who are also experienced National and International Examiners for the ISTD.

Which ISTD Dance Qualifications do MDDCDance offer?

MDDCDance offers the ISTD Vocational qualifications in all dance genre, training for both syllabus and free work is built in to the curriculum and not at additional cost.

ISTD dance performance and dance teacher training available at all vocational levels:


Necessary for the DDI and DDE Dance Teaching Qualifications

Advanced One

The pre-requisite level for the Licenciate Dance Teaching Qualification

Advanced Two

The pre-requisite examination for the Fellowship Dance Teaching Qualification


The first level of the ISTD Dance Teaching Qualification


The second level of the ISTD Full Dance Teaching Qualification


Expert dance teaching staff are available to offer coaching in all dance genre


Expert dance staff are available to offer coaching for this prestigious dance teaching qualification

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