Junior Associate Dance Training

Intensive dance and drama training days in Liverpool for 11-18 year olds

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MDDCDance have introduced a Junior Associate scheme to provide intensive dance training days for dance students aged 11-18. The intensive dance and drama training accompanies dance students regular classes and is on three Sundays per term at the Liverpool dance studios. The MDDCJunior Associate scheme prepares dance students for eventually attending a full time performing arts course.

Junior Associate Dance

MDDCJunior Associate – one-year intensive dance and drama training on Sundays for 11-18 year olds in Liverpool.

MDDCJunior Associate training days involve dance, drama and musical theatre classes with specialist teachers in a variety of subjects areas. The focus of this performing arts training in Liverpool is on strength, stamina and technical execution, with increased opportunities for performance under the MDDCDance umbrella.

How do dance students benefit from the MDDCJunior Associate scheme?

  • Dance and Drama tuition on three Sundays a term with highly qualified and experienced teachers from the college faculty.
  • Links to the college and its full time training course in Dance Teaching and/or Musical Theatre.
  • MDDCJunior Associate students aged 16 or over will be offered a free audition for a full time college place.
  • Discounted tickets to the MDDCDance annual show.
  • Invitations to our regular Musical Theatre performances by 2nd/3rd Year Musical Theatre students.
  • Invitations to organized theatre trips arranged by the college.
  • Opportunities to perform with the MDDCDancers.
    Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre is regularly invited to perform in charity showcases and publicity events, and the MDDCJunior Associate students could be invited to perform alongside our full time students.
  • Scholarship opportunities for the MDDCSummer School.

Which subjects does the MDDCJunior Associate scheme include?

  • Ballet
  • Pointe Work and preparation
  • Stretching and body conditioning
  • Contemporary
  • Tap
  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre
  • Jazz in various styles

What happens on MDDCJunior Associate training days?

Junior Associate students will attend classes at the MDDCDance studios in Liverpool on three Sundays per term.

The day starts with registration at 10am and finishes at 6pm with morning and afternoon breaks and lunch. Lunch is not provided but snacks and bottled water are available at a small cost.

All classes will be free work based and students will be divided by age group: 11-14 year olds and 15-18 year olds. Girls and boys classes will be held together with the exception of ballet and where Pointe work and Pointe Work Preparation is scheduled.

The final class of the day will be a Musical Theatre workshop. This will also incorporate rehearsals in preparation for a Musical Theatre performance by the students on the final Sunday of the Summer Term.

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