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In the second of our series of posts about student life at MDDCDance we hear what it’s like moving up to the second year.

Second year – Melanie Chandler and Charlotte Smart

What a difference first year was to second year! Having thought college was tiring through last year we all had a big shock starting this year – and just a few weeks in we are all shattered. However, starting a new year means lots of more exciting classes.

Thrown in at the deep end on our first day back into Double Work, Craig was shouting “and LIFT” and expecting us to be in a beautiful position but looking in the mirror half of us were still on the floor or falling over!

Disoriented still by having been flipped upside down and thrown up in the air we found ourselves in Musical Theatre lessons learning to sing, act and dance – and if that wasn’t hard enough already we have to do it in heels!

Being in the second year means much more is expected of you in all classes as well as in exams. But we can already tell it’s going to be worth it. We can feel ourselves as performers growing and developing in more ways than we ever thought we could and finding new skills we never knew we had. People who never saw themselves as singers are now performing solos and those less flexible are now finding themselves flat out in splits.

Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre helps you grow as a performer, teacher and technician. In our DDI and DDE lessons we are enriched by the knowledge of the ISTD syllabus and learning so much about becoming a great teacher – having also found a new respect for all teachers.

Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre is a fantastic place to learn, to become both a performer and a teacher – and completely worth all the hard work!

Have you got what it takes? Auditions for September 2014 entry are being held throughout the year. Find out more.

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