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It’s half term and everyone has settled back into dance college life. But what’s it like?

We asked the first, second and third years to tell us. Today we here from the first years.

First year – Sarah Toal-McDermott

The first month is over and so much has already happened!!! There have already been tears and screams and that’s only the start. The 11th of September was starting day for all new coming first years into Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre.

We all walked in to our new college waiting for our new start to begin not knowing what to expect, nerves and excitement were high. Making new friends and getting to know everyone is always a challenge no matter what situation you’re going into and for most of us we all had come from different dance backgrounds. We’re all different ages and have different paths we want to follow but for the next three years we will be following the same journey to get where we want to go.

Our first week in MDDCDance was a huge shock, going from only a few classes of dance a week to everyday, it’s early starts and long days. The life of a dancer is not one for the faint hearted but I’d never change my life choice for anything. They say dancing is a way of life not a choice and I truly believe that. MDDCDance has opened up my eyes already and its only four weeks into my first term.

Week one and our teachers eased us in slowly enough but all we could hear from the older year groups was had we had jazz with Craig yet!!! We hadn’t at that stage but that was a whole new experience in its self, I had never done jazz before so it was a big shock to me. My first jazz class and I had never sweated so much so fast in the first five minutes of a class. It was tough but exhilarating at the same time, every class and every teacher that we’ve had classes with so far brings so much energy to each class, making you want to learn from them as they bring out their own personality to the class. Whether it be energetic and fun or strict and tough they all bring enthusiasm to the class which in turn makes me want to work harder towards becoming a better dancer.

Everything is a new challenge and you have to be prepared to step up: for instance, wearing your correct uniform to class or having your hair the appropriate way, to be a great dancer you not only have to dance well but have to look well. I’ve found that you do tend perform better when you look better, it’s not always easy but as the weeks go on we are going to have to try treat each class as if it were on stage. As Andrew has said to all of us first years “perfect posture, stand ready and be energised at all times.” This helps put you in a good mind frame for class.

The second week has been here and gone and so has the third and it’s hard to think that we are already in the college a month, you can see things starting to get harder and the work load starting to pile up slowly, whether it be tasks for health and safety or a monologue for drama you’ve got to make time for it all. First week nerves are over and the teacher’s patience is wearing thinner it’s not now: “can you find your core?”, it’s: “hold your core in.”

So much has changed in the space of a month and I can feel myself getting stronger day by day. I know it’s only going to get harder before it’ll get better and there will be tears, sweat, blood, anger and screams but there is no business like show business. We are a blank canvas that must be painted, my first month at MDDCDance has been a time I will never forget it’ll all be over in the blink of an eye so I am going to work my ass off and be the best performer I can be for the three years that I have at Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre.

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